Saber Bobbin Bite Indicator

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Saber's bobbin bite indicator is designed to cover all angling situations and all species.

The black hockey stick secures under your alarm. Your bobbins can be unscrewed from the hockey stick when in transit should you wish.

The line clip can be adjusted to suit whatever mono or braid  your using, simply by turning the collar. The 24/7 body features a 3x1mm isotope slot and is easily aligned to face the angler for perfect night visibility. Simply unscrew the line clip, take off the shell, drop your isotope (not supplied) into the recess and reassemble for perfect night visibility. The bobbin features a 10g drag weight, add the weight to counteract wind, undertow, tide or when long range or snag fishing to maintain line tension. Without the drag weight, the bobbin is perfect for close to medium range angling, light line fishing and slack line applications.

  • Available with white, black or carbon 24/7 body
  • Adjustable line clip for any mono or braid
  • Accepts a 3x15mm isotope for 24/7 visibilty
  • Supplied with tough, black ball chain with quality threads
  • Additional 10g drag weight for long range and tight line application
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