Carp Mate Pro ipilot 18 Bait Boat

RRP £799.99

The iPilot18 Bait Boat is a powerful and efficient fishing tool designed advanced features such as GPS autopilot navigation, hook release system, and high-speed propulsion, the iPilot18 Bait Boat makes fishing easier and more productive. With its compact design, large bait capacity, and long battery life, the iPilot18 is the perfect solution for your fishing needs.

iPilot18 Bait Boat Features:

  • Equipped with a Built-in iPilot Navigation System from Navison Group, the iPilot18 takes your fishing game to the next level.
  • With Easy Operation, you can easily control bait hoppers, rigs, and lights from the handset.
  • Featuring High-Speed Propulsion with 2 maintenance-free motors, the iPilot18 can reach impressive speeds of up to 100m/min.
  • The iPilot18 boasts a Large Bait Capacity with 1 electric magnet-controlled bait hopper with a total capacity of about 2KG. Hopper dimensions: 25cm*8.0cm*6.5cm
  • Hook Release System: With 1 electric magnet-controlled hook release system, the iPilot18 makes fishing effortless. 
  • Long Battery Life: The bait boat is equipped with 2 lithium batteries that provide up to 8 hours of use, while the handset's built-in Lithium battery lasts up to 24 hours.  
  • Multifunctional Handset: The iPilot18 handset can also function as a power bank for other devices.
  • With a compact design, the iPilot18 measures 47 cm x 31.3 cm x 21.5 cm and weighs about 6.5 KG, making it a convenient and efficient choice for your fishing needs.

iPilot System Technical Features:

  • Compass Self-Calibration: The iPilot system comes with a compass and automatically self-calibrates when the command is sent from the handset.
  • Spot-Saving: The iPilot system can save up to 26 fishing spots, including a home spot, making it easier to locate them in the future.
  • High Precision: The iPilot system ensures that the boat sails straight to the desired spot with 90% accuracy within 1m.
  • Efficient Range and Fail-Safe Function: With a range of up to 500m, the iPilot system includes a fail-safe function that automatically returns the boat to the home spot when it's out of range or the battery is low, ensuring the safety of your boat in case of low power or weak signals.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The iPilot system features an easy-to-use 480*272 Pixel color display on the handset that shows essential parameters such as the compass, driving direction, saved fishing spots, status of the bait hopper and hook release, distance between boat and home spot, distance between boat and fishing spots, and power status of the boat and handset.
  • Long Battery Life: The iPilot system includes a built-in lithium handset battery that provides up to 24 hours of intensive outdoor use.
  • Powerbank Functionality: The iPilot system includes a large-capacity handset lithium battery that can also serve as a power bank for smartphones or other outdoor devices, adding to its convenience and versatility.

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