Waverunner Bait Boat

RRP £899.99

This remarkable bait boat has been developed over a number of years to give the best facilities and performance of any fishing bait boat on the market.

Electromagnetic independent hook release feature makes this the most advanced and effective fishing bait boat ever made. With a host of advanced features it is hard to find a better bait boat at any price level. 


  • Running time at max speed 2 hours (out of water)
  • Maximum bait capacity 5kg
  • Range 1000 metres + depending on weather and environmental conditions
  • Boat dimensions Length 68cm Width 48cm e 24cm not inc antenna
  • Built in fail safe mechanism so you will never lose your boat if signal is lost
  • Twin independent rig holders release system
  • 5.8ghz Digital radio system
  • Propulsion-2 x maintenance free propellers 

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