Saber Quick Mat

RRP £49.99

The Saber Quick Mat delivers total, walled carp protection in that packs away into a small, flat unit that’s easy to carry. The Quick Mat is easy to set-up. Simply pull the frame from the carry bag (supplied) and it will pop-up by itself to form the ‘walls’ and base of the Quick mat. Then simply insert the 2” padded mat into the base of the frame and your Quick Mat is ready to use. To disassemble your Quick Mat, first take out the mat. Then with a hand holding either end of the frame, twist it into a figure of eight shape, then bring both ends together and pack away. Simple!

  • Fast set-up and pack-down
  • Pop-up construction
  • Soft, fish-friendly 2” padded mat

Included inside:

  • Durable pop-up frame
  • 2” padded, sculpted mat
  • Carry case
  • 2 storm pegs
  • 56cm x 110cm x 30cm