Out and about with Des Taylor

Since my last Blog I have been doing a mixed bag of fishing from perch on commercials to crucians at Johnson’s lake and then barbel on the Severn to catfish in Spain as I said a real mixed bag!!!!
The perch I have had a few but nothing over 3lbs yet but I will especially when the cold weather really comes in and the water goes clear that’s when my drop shotting method will come into its own. The crucians I camped out down Johnson’s lake for three nights and along with my mate Ray Cutler we took 62 crucians with 7 over three pounds, great sport to say the least. Jesus I took some gear down with me and it’s a fair walk from the car park to the railway bank where we fished, I must admit it was a bit of a after thought that I threw my Saber barrow in the back of the truck but I’m glad I did for instead of four journeys on my back I piled up the multi wheel trolley and did it in one, I love the idea of being able to change the wheel system from one to two.
On this day I used the two wheels for the ground was real flat and this made the job very easy, super idea.
On the Severn I’ve been taking a few barbel and then one day it went mad with me taking my best barbel catch ever taking 37 fish to a little over 9lbs not monster fish but with over 200lb of fish I was not complaining! Then I went to Spain after a 200lb cat which years ago would have been a pipe dream in fact go back 15 years we were all trying to catch our first 100lb cat never mind 200lbs! But imagine my surprise when after only 3 hours fishing I caught a 206 pounder a fish of a lifetime but much better was to come indeed I took in 7 days fishing 9 cats for 1274lb which gives a average weight of a shade over 140lbs the three biggest weighing in at 191lbs, 206lbs and a mighty 220lbs a fish that was 8 feet four and a half inches long and looked bigger than me which is saying something!!!
I will never forget the sight of that fish in the torch light as the guide Ryan “chinned” the beast and brought it to the bank and then the weighing when Colin Bunn the owner of catmaster tours informed me it was “100” to which I said “its way bigger than 100lbs” and Colin shouted back”100 kilos you nutcase not 100 pounds” that made the fish 220lbs and me a very happy bunny and finished the month off perfectly I think you will agree?